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Why You Need This Book

Create better insights for your marketing activities by learning the back grounds of accountability, ROI definition, cooperating with other departments, funneling and how to get started.

The four main reasons that support the accountability of marketing

Learn why other marketers and business owners in small and international companies are accountable.

Create comfort with KPI's

Measure what really matters and create your own accountability model.

Engage your colleagues

Earn the trust of your colleagues by becoming accountable and show both; good and bad results.

Consider new perspectives

Understand which information you can provide to other departments and what you need from them.

Get back into the 'boardroom'

Gain respect and support from senior management by sharing your data supported insights.

Enroll the 10 steps towards Accountable Marketing

Follow those strategies to implement accountability in your company.


"I know that about 50 % of my marketing budget is wasted,

however I need to know which half that is."

–Lord Leverhume

About the Author

Michiel van de Watering is a business coach specializing in the accountability of marketing. When Michiel started his career in banking he wondered how to increase the ROI of their marketing activities. Back then it was hard to get management's support and the right data, as revenues where mainly created at the stock markets. He started his own business in 2004 and got more attention of C-Suite clients and business owners for this subject. It was after the start of the financial crisis in 2008 that all concerned really wanted to get involved.

Michiel earned his Bachelor's degree in Hotel Administration at HTH Hospitality Business School and Master in Marketing Strategy at the Management Academy of Groningen University. He lives in the center of Holland with is spouse Jantine and their three daughters.

Introduction offer NOW $28.75

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